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investigation. >> the detectives will certainly analyze everything and put a complete picture together. >> officials say they recovered very good evidence that may provide answers about what triggered the chain of events. >> when 20-year-old adam lanza shot to death his mother, nancy, in their home, and then headed to the elementary school, wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with weapons like these, high-powered pistols and a semi-automatic sult rifle. >> i thought we would all day. >> the medical capper completed the task of identifying all the victims, including 27-year-old hero teacher, victoria soto, who threw herself in front of the gunman to shield her stunts, and the principal, dawn hochsprung, who tried to stop the shooter and paid with her life. emily parker was remembered by her father. >> we want everybody to know --
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this includes the family of the shooter. reporter: we know that all of the chirp who lost their lives were just six or seven years old. all first-graders, just barely beginning their lives. >> ama: 27-year-old vicky soto was a substitute teacher. family members say they spent agonize hours after the shooting wondering what happened to her. >> at that point was the hardest for the whole family, the waiting game, to receive word on what happened to vicki's class. >> vicki had her students hide behind her in a closet, protecting them from the gunman when she was shot and killed. other victims include 30-year-old lauren reduce saw, a teacher, mary sher sherlach was the excuse me expoirn toad to stop the killer, and nancy lanza, the mother of the killer, was killed earlier in the day.
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vicki sew total will never be forgotten by one of her students who doesn't know her fate right now. >> we are hoping she is going to be okay. he really -- she really loved that class, and he keeps saying i really hope she is okay. i hope it's not her. he knows she has been hurt but doesn't know the end result. >> they're one of the lucky families. both their children attend the school and both survive. >> the father of the gunman released a statement saying his family is grieving along with all of those who have been affected by this enormous tragedy. peter lanza says no words can truly expect how heartbroken we are. the connecticut tragedy has touched a nerve across the country and, vigils are springing up everywhere in alameda, a vigil was held at an
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elementary school. one of she peekers has two cousins who attend sandy hook. both sir individual. in san francisco, city supervisor organized a vigil. this was at the corn ore of silver avenue and mission street. speakers talked about working together to bring peace and the importance of addressing the issue of people with mental health needs. we are live tonight at grace cathedral where a special service is being held to remember the victims. cornell? >> for decades, holiday concerts have been a tradition here at grace cathedral on knob hull but tonight something different, pausing to remember the shooting victims in connecticut. ♪. reporter: the cathedral's choir master was so moved by the tragedy he wrote a special arrangements of silent night for
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today's concert, a moving tribute to lives lost. the bishop says now i the time to reflect year. >> we gather as things are shadowy and gloomy and dark and try to lift the spirits of people. you also have to say something. you can't just smile, you can't just sing good happy songs at christmas and not acknowledge the heartbreak of christmas as well. >> bishop andrews spoke with connecticut's bishop today who was offering comfort to grieving families in newtown, bishop andrews offered his spowr from san francisco. other memorials are happening across the city and across the bay area. we'll have those for you live at 11:00. >> ama: you can express your sympathy by posting this badge to your facebook wall. a silent show of support for everyone in connecticut. as the tragedy unfolds, stay with us for continuing coverage. laura anthony will have live
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reports from connecticut beginning tomorrow and you can get updates anytime at we do have breaking news out of southern california. police have one person in custody after reports of shots fired at the upscale fashion island mall in newport beach, witnesses report they heard a gunshot in the macy's parking lot. there are no reports of injuries. it has been a soggy saturday. and take a look at this video shot a short time ago as the rain came down in san francisco. you can see people with their umbrellas hurrying through the rain. let's head right to leigh glaser with a check on the weather. >> leigh: it has been wet, especially the north bay and downright cold. highs in the upper 40s. here's a live look from live doppler 7hdy you can see the moisture starting to evaporate. we had some earlier moderate rain in the north bay, but you can see as this cold front slides south, things just start to fall apart a little bit.
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petaluma, a little light rain. some in hayward, fremont, and moderate rain between morgan hill and gilroy. this system moves out but we have a series of storms backed up in the pacific. we'll look at the timing of those coming up. >> ama: still to come, getting gunses off the street. hundreds turn out for a bay area gun buyback program. a mess after a deadly accident on a bay area road. we'll tell you how traffic is moving tonight. a different kind of mess on highway 1. why a closed highway could stay closed
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>> ama: one person is dead after a multivehicle crash in south fran seasons on southbound 280. the road has been cleared and traffic is moving in the area again tonight. no word on the cause of the accident. new details tonight on a fatal accident involving an off-duty chp officer. happened last night on highway 12 in fairfield. the officer just finished his shift and was leaving work when he pit a pickup turning left in front of him. the chp had not released the officer's name. a section of highway 1
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through sonoma county will remain closed indefinitely. the highway -- a small section of the road collapsed this month when storms hilt the area. caltrans hopes to have the road open by noon top. officials initially hoped to open the highway this week but engineers determined the work will take longer than expected. >> just ahead, hundreds of guns now off the street in the bay area. how an anonymous donor is making a difference. >> a wet saturday. what's ahead for tomorrow? leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. >> mike: the warriors are on fire. i'm mike shumann. a seven-day swing ending in two days, and with the win the warriors come home with a record of 6-1 for the first time
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>> ama: a previously scheduled gun buyback program for oakland and san francisco got a boost today. hundreds of guns were bought by the oakland and san francisco police department. them to mass roman has the
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story. >> i just decided to get rid of the guns. >> michelle, who did not want to give her last name, was one of more than 200 people selling their guns to the police. many who waited in this long line were brought here by the same tragedy. the mass murder of 27 children in connecticut. >> it hit me strong. i never thought about getting rid of them before. >> dana is a vietnam vet and says he and his wife sobbed while watching the news. jan was turning in her gun so it could never be used to take a life. >> this is something that might hurt somebody some day. then i would feel terrible about that. reporter: the gun buyback was funded by an anonymous door nor who contacted the youth program, who contacted the boys c club in san francisco. the turnout shows both
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communities care about gun violence. >> when a community says enough is enough, you got a good chance. >> in oakland, people lined up in doors turn in guns out st. benedict's church. this is where the oakland police were buying the guns. >> every anticipation will'll be exceed our wildest expectation. >> the initial target was 3500 guns. a financial incentive helped bring these people out. >> well, the money. >> money. money. >> $200 was paid for each handgun or rifle. a limit of three weapons for each resident. and people had to prove they resided in the city buying the guns. >> oakland and san francisco police departments are going to be asking the governor to see if he can make this kind of gun buyback a state program. in san francisco, tomas roman, abc-7 news. >> ama: thousands of nurses will be walking off the job on christmas eve, spokesman says rns from nine bay area hospitals operated by better
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health and the hospital corporation of america. the strike is the eight since last september over contract issues. >> some sprinkles around the bay today. >> leigh: gloomy, cold, mt. hamilton, trace amounts of snow, and we're caught in a cold air scenario. the cold iris trapped close to the surface, and i was cold today with the rain coming through as well. high definition east bay cam right now, looking towards the west. kind of mercky towards san francisco as well. trying to deal with low clouds and also fog moving in. folks, here's a look at live doppler 7hd. you can see that much of what is falling south of san jose on the light side. earlier today as this very weak frontal system hit the coast, brought the north bay a quarter inch of rain, and then as it pushed south, just kind of started to dissipate. disintegrate. right now we'll take you over to milpitas where we're picking up
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light rain. and san jose, sunny vail, from what -- in your neighborhood and moderate rain moving to the east, gilroy, hollister, wet pavement, some more showers starting to move into the area. so scatters showers overnight, and where some of those low snow levels, higher peaks, may see more than a light dusting of snow by early tomorrow morning. cold today. current readings mid-to-upper 40s across much of the bay area, and a forecast, cold showers overnight, and snow possible in the higher peaks. we gate window of clearing tomorrow before another cold front moves in to bring us more rain. sunday night into early monday morning, here's the lows. north bay in the 30s. up towards lake-on county, expect snow at the higher peaks, san francisco, 46 and 42
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expected low for san jose. here's a look at the cold front. hits the coast and falls apart but will continue to bring us some scattered showers overnight, and a few snow flakes at higher peaks. overnight, by 10:00 we should see some of this thin out. we grol with touch-and-go scattered showers throughout the course of the day, on sunday, and then by sunday night, another batch of showers start to develop well the north of the bay area, this ills 9:00 siz night and this is going to bring us rains night, and throughout the morning hours on monday. real quickly. winter advisory up for the lake county area until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. two to four inches-higher el -- elevation overnight. highs for sunday, chilly, mid-to-low 50s. we'll keep chance of scattered showers across the bay area for your sunday afternoon. then we gate slight break tomorrow and then we'll bring in
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another batch of rain, overnight sunday night, and thought the the d throughout the day on monday, and a much larger storm system will hit us thursday night and friday. periods of heavy rain and gusty winds. >> ama: thank you so much. mike shumann is here with sports, and the road is kind to the warriors. >> mike: don't want to come home. the warriors seven-game, 11-day road trip ended today in atlanta. they'd won five straight, knocking off the miami heat, but orlando hasn't them their first loss. warriors off to best star since the 1991-1992 season. rockie barnes, 19 in the game. landry, solid off the bench. the one-handed jam. he had 19. 62-49 warriors at the half. everyone on the warriors getting in the highlights. david lee, 20 points, 11 boards, averaging 20 and 10 every game on this trip.
6:20 pm
playing well. steph curry. the steal here and the slam. 18 points for steph. warriors 6-1 on the road for the first time in france characterize history. 115-93 your final. now to college hoops. stanford men facing uc davis in a nonconference matchup after exams. first game in 13 days for the cardinal. the only aggie player to show up. he had 23 of the team's 52. only two davis players hit double digits. huestis, the jumper and the foul. cardinal up at the half. dwight paul led all cardinal with 20. the monster jam, cardinal improve 2073-with the 75-52 victory. >> our defense and offense right now and i believe in our guys, i know we have good shooters. we keep defending like we are now, i'll take it. the way we're defending, gives ourselves a chance to win
6:21 pm
against everybody, every night. if we stay confident and believe in ourselves we're going to shoot the ball well. >> mike: he top ranked indiana and butler. hoosiers down three. ten to play. durrell drains the three. we go to overtime but the bulldogs had ideas. alex barlow, six points but gets it to go with two seconds remaining. indiana's first loss of the season, butler, 88-86 the final. >> college football bowl season kicked off in albuquerque, arizona and nevada in the new mexico bowl. first of 35 bowl games in the next 22 days. third quarter, the nevada quarterback fakes. wolfpack up 10. arizona back in the fourth. 46 seconds to play. scott, quick pass, 4842 evidence in damp. ensuing kickoff, wildcats onside kick. they get it. march down the field and throws his third t.d. of the game. this one to terrence miller.
6:22 pm
wildcats hold off nevada to win theful bowl, 49-48. pac-12 is 1-0 in bowl games so far. >> utah state facing toledo in the idaho potato bowl in boise on the smurf turf. the option. see ya later. 62 yards, 227 yards in the air. 89 on the ground. utah state wins the always pop already idaho potato bowl, 41-15 the final. >> division ii championship, valdosta and salem. up the middle. 96 yards later, 7-0 valdosta before they even sat down. still in the first. o'neill, fourth and one. goes 4 yards, o'neill, 141 yards on 24 carries. valdosta state wins their third national championship, 35-7 your final, ending their season 12-2. >> high school football, marin
6:23 pm
catholic facing madison high school from san diego nor the cif championship. court farther, the quarterback, headed to cal, through four on the day. tipped into the hands of hanley, wildcats up 35-31. maddison answers. cormier, ran for 272 yards. this kid has some speed. 79 yards. mad dissin your cif division iii champions with a 38-35 victory. de la salle looking for another championship game. we'll have the highlights for you and a preview of the game hoff the day, 49ers and patriots. >> ama: still to come, a helping hand for the ohio. one group is help thing
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>> ama: join me at 9:00 on cable 13. we'll find out what scientists believe caused thousands squids to wash up this week. then at 11:00, police named the suspect wanted in the shooting in san rafael. the suspect and what happened tonight. at 9:00 and 11:00. the act of giving back and sharing the wealth is very much alive for the holidays. in san francisco, glide was packed with people today.
6:27 pm
each one received a blanket donated by the bay area's sikh community. this is the 16th year the group passed out blankets to those in need. another act of giving was on display in oakland elm the annual holiday party and toy g.i.way at the allen temple family life center. the center had a free gift for every one of the 900 kids that were expected to come through the door. a gesture that makes a huge difference this holiday season. >> that is it for us at 6:00. i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser and mike captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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